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MySingleFriend surveyed 1, British singletons to find out about their preferences when it comes to that all-important first date location. When it comes to venues, the faithful local pub was top choice among British daters, with almost a quarter 23 per cent saying it would be their ideal location. While it might not seem the most original choice, your local bar could offer more than immediately meets the eye. It also shows you are laid-back and not trying too hard, which many people find very attractive. Dinner dating came in second favourite with British singletons, with 16 per cent saying it would be their top choice.

Being wined and dined was more popular among female daters than male, with one in five naming it their favourite date type.

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Picking a cuisine where you can share food, such as tapas, is also a great way to break the ice. For the foodie dater, there is no better way to get to know someone than by breaking bread with them — there is plenty of opportunity to discuss your passion for culinary delights. And you can hide behind your menu during any awkward silences! You may feel more relaxed riding bikes together or taking a stroll than you would sat opposite each other in a bar or restaurant. It sets a fun tone and gives you the chance to share your passions, as well as the opportunity to get up close and personal.

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And of course, you can also search further afield if you like. However, unfortunately no information is provided as to when the members were last online. Dating sites are unfortunately a popular target for scammers, both those originating from Nigeria and other far flung places, and also scams originating from the dating companies themselves. Unfortunately today many dating companies only care about making money, and they will use any means necessary to persuade non-paying members to take out a subscription.

Sarah Beeny chose a four year, £ 325k house in Cambridgeshire village in Milton

Therefore, I always like to test how many scammers are present on the site by leaving my profile blank for a week and not uploading a photo. If messages are still received in this time, they are unlikely to be from genuine people. Unfortunately this test is a little difficult to perform on MySingleFriend, since your profile is not actually activated until your friend completes your description for you.

To make the most out of the site, get to know people, and arrange dates, you will of course need to send and receive messages. And this is basically what paying for an upgraded membership entitles you to do. The costs for MySingleFriend in are:. Also please note, that if you subscribe to mysinglefriend. I would recommend cancelling this ASAP, then simply renewing manually if you decide to stay for longer. Your friends write your description for you. Most site members are interested in finding someone for the long-term. - Wikipedia

Last logon date of members is hidden. Not as popular as other UK dating sites. Although I admit to having no idea who Sarah Beeny is; she has done a very good job at creating a dating site that stands out from the crowd, and also has a very loyal fan base. Writing about yourself is always the most difficult part of setting up your profile, nobody enjoys this.

And many people also fail to paint the best possible picture of themselves. Therefore asking your friends to write your profile is the ideal solution. Not only can they add anecdotes that you would probably never of thought about, but they will also highlight your most attractive qualities, qualities that you yourself may otherwise not have mentioned. For a paid dating site, the prices are also very reasonable, if not some of the cheapest in the UK.

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My only criticism is in regards to them not displaying the last login date of their members. This makes it very difficult to get an accurate picture to how many members are actually active on the site. It might not be the most popular dating site in the UK, but www. Your email address will not be published.

My wife left me after two years of marriage for one of my best friends. I could have let this event turn my world upside down but I've never really been one for dwelling on the past or feeling sorry for myself. So 3 months later I washed my hands of them both and joined up to eHarmony.

Perhaps I should send my ex wife and ex best friend a thank you card.

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After focusing on my career for far too long, I decided it was time to put the same amount of effort into ending my days as a singleton. My requirements in a partner were quite simple. They should be hard working, family oriented, honest and a little charming. Still, somehow my first date was a disaster, my second not much better, but by my third date I found someone I felt I could go on a second date with. We've now been together for over 9 months.

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After being on the site for 6 months and just a handful of bad dates, I was almost throwing in the towel. However, I've now met the most amazing guy and am excited as to where this new relationship will lead. Would highly recommend the site to anyone looking for love.